When you become a member of PRSA Memphis, you join professionals in the Memphis area, as well as the more than 19,000 professionals nationally who share their knowledge to help members advance their careers and their profession. Membership gives you access to current job openings, professional development opportunities and important connections that can help you grow your career.

    Professionals from nonprofits, large corporations, small private institutions and consulting agencies, as well as freelancers, offer a diversity of experiences that make the chapter valuable to members.


    Memberships and Dues

    Full time public relations professionals, as well as communication educators, are eligible for PRSA membership. Our members are professionals in marketing, special events, media relations, graphic arts, writing and design of publications, education, public relations management and strategic planning. We have two categories of membership: member and associate.


    Members must be employed in the public relations profession or be employed in the teaching or administration of public relations curriculum at an accredited college or university. Each member must pay a one-time initiation fee of $65, annual national dues of $255 and annual PRSA Memphis chapter dues of $130. Included in membership are the local monthly PRSA luncheons.


    Associate members pay national dues at a reduced cost. You are not assessed an initiation fee as long as you qualify for associate membership. Associate dues may be paid on a quarterly basis.
    There are four classifications of associate:
    1. PRSSA graduate ($60 national dues, $130 local dues);
    2. Full-time master's or doctorate student ($60 national dues, $130 local dues);
    3. Less than one year of experience ($115 national dues, $130 local dues); and
    4. Less than two years of experience ($155 national dues, $130 local dues).

    For questions concerning categories of PRSA membership, or to receive a free membership packet, contact [email protected]  or call 901-488-0663. 

    When applying online, add the $130 Memphis chapter dues in addition to your national fees. You can also mail your application by completing the membership application and mailing it to:

    PRSA Memphis
    PO Box 341023
    Bartlett, TN 38184

    Are You a Member Moving to Memphis?

    If you are currently a PRSA member and would like to transfer your membership to the Memphis chapter:

    1. Contact the national PRSA office at 212-460-1400 and let them know you are transferring your membership to the Memphis chapter. Be prepared to give your name, company name, and your previous chapter. 

    2. Contact us at [email protected] and let us know you are transferring your membership. Be prepared to give your name, company name, and your previous chapter.