PRSA Star Awards

    PRSA Memphis is accepting nominations for its annual PRSA Star Awards honoring the best PR practitioners in the Memphis area.

    Rising Star is awarded to a current PR practitioner with three years of experience or fewer, whose work has been exceptional and who is active in professional organizations or community service. PR Star is awarded to a current PR practitioner with more than three years of experience, whose work has been exceptional and who is active in professional organizations or community service. The PR Executive of the Year honors a current PR practitioner who is the highest-ranking member of a PR department or division of a Mid-South firm, organization or institution that has produced exceptional work under the nominee’s leadership. He or she also should have made a notable contribution as a member of a professional organization or through his or her community service.

    Learn more on how to submit a nomination. 


    PRSA Memphis recognizes outstanding public relations efforts during our annual competition and awards event, the VOX Awards. We invite entries from all sectors of the industry including agencies, corporations, media, nonprofits and freelancers. Recipients represent the best in PR work within Memphis and the Mid-South. 

    The VOX Awards are tailored to support the national PRSA Anvil Awards and judged by a different sister chapter each year. PRSA membership is not required to enter. 

    View the 2018 VOX Awards winners.

    Communicator of the Year

    The Communicator of the Year award was established in 1976 with Bud Dudley, founder of the Liberty Bowl, its first recipient. The award is given to a member of the community who exhibits the ability to communicate effectively to general or specific publics; has public visibility and is a respected member of the community who invests his or her time and talent conveying a specific message.

    The list of honorees includes, Ron Terry, Cecil Humphreys, Fred P. Gattas, Olin Morris, D’Army Bailey, Judith Drescher, Fred Jones, Gerry House, Dr. Scott Morris, Arnold Perl, Linn Sitler, W.W. Herenton, John Calipari, Beverly Robertson, Bob Loeb, Toney Armstrong, Dr. Todd Richardson, PhD, Mauricio Calvo and Otis Sanford.

    Nominations are open until Sept. 26, 2019. Learn more.

    PRSA National Awards

    We invite you to submit your work to the PRSA Silver Anvil Awards, which recognize the best programs of the year and the highest standards of performance in public relations. In addition to the Silver Anvils, the Bronze Anvils recognize individual campaign components. For individuals, PRSA recognizes those who have impacted the field throughout their career, as well as those practitioners who have provided extensive expertise in their specific industries.

    Learn more about the PRSA National Awards.